a little about me

born here in this wonderful country of australia with a strong dose of italian heritage!

who am i and what am I about in a few words -

"a passionate lover of life, food, family, friends and culture."

here is a little glimpse of how i would spend my days, summer nights, weekends and any spare time i had, - in my giardino, with my dog, chickens, ducks, rabbit, goat, birds, cat, picking, planting, prunning, playing, preparing and producing, yes the simple pleasures of a great suburban backyard.

i grew a majority of my own produce, enough for me my whole entire family and then some, generous to share. from fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, animals and collections i was at peace in my little menagerie.

my passion was clearly driven by the environment i was born and raised from. i was driven by "grow your own", "no waste", "sustainabilty", "permaculture" and of course the best way we italians well infact the only way we know how to live is home grown fresh produce, with enough to feed the family and the community.

my parents came from tough times, but ever so rich in culture, my papa grew everything and my mama prepared it - a no waste approach to the whole life cycle of the food chain.

i remember sitting in my backyard one gorgeous sunday morning, dirt between my toes, chickens roaming freely and the sun shining on my plentiful summer crops. a little light bulb moment, or maybe a little dream blossomed, i want my own little mercato....

and this is were it all started some 10 plus years ago.......

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