Zia Ria Mercato

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Benvenutti - Welcome to Zia Ria Mercato.

I proudly make a variety of traditional time honoured homemade Italian antipasti, preserves, condiments as well as the occasional savoury and sweet treats that we Italians indulge through the festive seasons.

The best place to find me is around the Melbourne Markets & Farmers Markets.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram for update locations.



my why

Zia Ria Mercato - began some 20+ years ago. My mercato was created in honour of my Nonni in particular my "Nonna Mela". These time honoured traditional recipes date back some 200 plus years ago.  

Zia Ria that's me (Maria), born into a wonderful, big, loud and loving Italian family with 9 siblings.  Yes that's right my beautiful parents had 10 children. I'm the lucky number 8 in the pecking order together with my twin Franco. I am an Italian artisan that proudly brings you a variety of rustic food, antipasti, preserves, culture, stories and more.  You will find me at Markets across Melbourne and soon to be South Australia.

I owe it to my ancestors

I owe it to my beautiful parents

I am honoured to share it with you

Just like any traditional European family we live for food, fun, family and friends.

Our table is where the best memories are made.



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Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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Italian Antipasti